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Divorce in Dubai

Divorce in Dubai split in two ways as follows:-

  • Divorce for Islamic marriages,
  • Divorce for Non-Muslims marriages.


Divorce of Islamic marriages is governed by personal status law of UAE and Shariaa rules. In Dubai, the first step in filing for divorce is to register the case at the Moral and Family Guidance Section of the Dubai Courts. Attempts to reconcile divorcing parties will be made with the guidance of an appointed counselor. If both parties are adamant about the divorce, then the case is forwarded to the courts. Situations when one desires to reconcile while the other doesn’t will still end up being forwarded to the courts.


Non-Muslims can file and apply for divorce in the UAE courts. Also, Non-Muslims who married in their country of nationality can divorce under their own country’s laws. However, divorcing couples, even if both citizens are of the same foreign country, can also opt to have the local UAE courts facilitate their divorce instead.

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