About us

Since 2004, we have buckled down with high inspiration soul to assemble a stellar notoriety for giving reasonable whole legitimate administrations with to our clients in UAE, through our branches and other distinctive countries through our partners. Our authority proficient firm is very much put to serve and give an extensive variety of whole legitimate administrations to organizations and private clients over the Middle East, and the globe.

Consistently, the Firm is helped to remember what a joy and appreciative it is to work for our individual clients and steadfast partners. We trust that you will take in more about us when you read our profile.

HASSAN AL ABDOOLI Advocates & Legal Consultants
Our Vision

We will help you locate the most sensible approach to determine all your lawful Matters. Whenever suitable, we will go to trial. In addition, other alternative dispute mechanisms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support clients in planning, overseeing & executing valuable changes.

Litigation Services: Hassan Al Abdooli Advocates & Legal Consultants does not restrain itself to a specific region of the prosecution; we can protect benefit on our clients and speak to them in claims, for example, business and business case, including contract question, protection scope debate, shareholder class activities and subordinate suits and guardian case. we additionally has broad involvement in banks cases and different suppliers of money related administrations, including buyer debate including charged cheats for late installments, We speak to policyholders in protection scope suit, including lacking honesty prosecution. More than that, our legal advisors have a wide range involvement in family question for separation, guardianship, authority and wills.

Legal consultancies Services: Hassan Al Abdooli Advocates & Legal Consultants give Legal Consultation Service to help the organizations, foundations and people in a wide range of lawful matters, for example, business issues for the organizations, set up, consolidate, securing, combine, liquidation, Bankruptcy and obligation. Likewise, giving conferences for all sorts of agreements, understandings and diversifying bargains. Additionally, prompting in family matters including Divorce, Child support or care. Likewise, we give lawful meetings to real home issues, Landlord issues. Alongside the above we have an awesome affair for work interviews.

We have Options for help through the Legal Consultation Service include: beginning interview with an accomplished lawyer, either via telephone or face to face, simple debate determination by means of a letter or telephone call.

Hassan Al Abdooli Advocates & Legal Consultants has aligned its activities in the legal service and entire law practice areas.

Our legal services has been begun since 2004; we tested the breaking points and have been developed step by step till we turned out to be currently one of best firms providing legal services administrations in UAE and in MENA.

The firm gives a full scope of legal services administrations and work in giving handy and practical lawful counsel on business, corporate, protected innovation and private client's matters.

The firm gives an expert legal services administration by a profoundly qualified and gifted firm of advisors and interpreters to cover the client's needs.

We help Organizations and Entrepreneurs to work more intelligent and become speedier, and counsel them to manufacture powerful associations, develop and develop, decrease costs, oversee hazard and direction and use ability.

Our clients incorporate outstanding organizations, partnerships and people. We work in organization with our clients, tuning in to their requirements and conveying advanced, imaginative and far reaching arrangements.

We are specialists in ensuring clients' rights through the courts, and we know how to show your side of a debate to a judge to secure your rights and augment your odds of getting a positive choice, we give legitimate exhortation. What's more, reveal to you how the law will treat your case. We do it by contrasting your actualities with different cases to perceive how the law treated them before and we can draw on the aptitude of our Dispute Resolution firm as required.

Because of the way of the lawful calling in UAE, and expanding on its moderately huge size, Hassan Al Abdooli Advocates & Legal Consultants joins a generalist way to deal with the act of law with specific specialization in specific fields, we give clients top of the line consultative and legitimate administrations over a wide scope of practice regions and industry segments in United Arab Emirates and MENA.

Regardless of whether you are a remote financial specialist looking to enter UAE,GCC based business going into an agreement, wanting to grow, re-structure, or resolve a question Hassan Al Abdooli Advocates & Legal Consultants specialists are prepared to guide you through the legitimate maze and give key advice on how best to accomplish your business destinations. We prompt global and provincial corporate, monetary establishments and high total assets people in our ranges of practice

We trust that the clients have not the same money related standing and it's not quite the same as every client to other. Consequently, we adopt an adaptable and focused strategy to our charges. We discover our clients incline toward settled expenses and will cite on this premise. Notwithstanding, we are constantly glad to examine charges with our clients to either distinguish the most useful expense structure for any exchange by hour rate or whole affordable expense.

The project or assignment
We thrive in assisting clients in meeting their business objectives and timeframes.